Customer Reviews

 Happy customer reviews, mostly screen shots from our Facebook page, some from cards & letters sent to us, it's always nice to hear from our clients. 


‘Would fully recommend Paula. I struggled to tell left from right on my first lesson but with her clear and patient guidance I managed to pass first time. She must be doing something right!’

I really mean that, you were a great teacher, thanks very much for all your help!

Eliot , Leire

Thank you so much for sticking with me and helping me achieve my dream of passing my test, after two previous instructors almost telling me I would never be able to drive it was hard to keep going, I can’t thank you enough times for you help, patience and understanding, I will tell everyone who will listen how great you are! Thanks again Paula I would never have done it without you!.


 Still can’t believe I passed my test first time! Thanks for all you help. I’m sending all my friends your way! I’ll earn myself a fortune in recommendations  !!!!!!!   

Chris, Wigston


When it came to learning to drive, I wasn’t the most confident or patient person and so found it quite a challenge. I believe that if it had not been for my driving instructor and the fun, friendly and comfortable learning environment he always provided I would never have passed! Not only did I receive an excellent standard of teaching, but I also genuinely enjoyed the time I spent with my instructor. I also completed my pass plus qualification which was even more daunting as I hadn’t driven on a motorway since passing my test a few months before. Yet again, my instructor didn’t fail to put me at ease and helped me to combat my motor way fear! I would definitely recommend Streetwise to everyone and anyone!!

Rachael Saint


I loved my driving lessons with Paula every day I learnt something new, yes it was hard to begin with controlling the clutch with one foot the accelerator with the other but in the end just as Paula had told me all this became second nature and I could think more about the roads than the function of driving and to think I almost gave up and opted to drive an automatic!

Thanks Paula you did good!



Card, Flowers & Chocolates from Saida, the card said :-

Dear Paula

Thanks for your kindness,

Thanks for your patience,

Thanks for your encouragement,

Thanks to you I passed

Its much appreciated Saida

yipee! the kids are going to be so happy !! thank you!

15/11/2013 Saida, Saint Matthews